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Decks and Patios Remodeling

Decks and Patios Remodeling
Today, decks and patios have become more than just convenient structures, they're an outdoor extension of the hone. Many homeowners want to take advantage of their extra outdoor living space by adding or improving their deck or patio.

Whether you want to use your deck and patio to entertain, barbecue, or simply relax, they are practical and valuable additions, typically recouping most of the original construction.

Planning Your Outdoor Entertainment Space
Like any home improvement project, before you begin it's important to plan carefully. Why are you adding a deck or patio to your home? For entertainment? For relaxation? For both? Do you want an elaborate outdoor kitchen or a simple place to barbeque steaks in the summer? Will a small deck work for your needs or will you need a large deck to accommodate a large crowd? Builders recommend planning a deck that will cover 20 square feet per person for a comfortable space.

Decks and Patios Remodeling     Decks and Patios Remodeling

Other important considerations are: When will your deck or patio be used? In the spring and summer or year-round? Is there adequate lighting? Who will be using it? If you have young children or elderly people in your home, you will want to carefully consider safety and accessibility in your planning.

Considering Styles and Materials
A deck or patio transitions to the indoors to the outdoors Which is why it's key to keep in mind the architectural style of your home when selecting the shape, style and materials for your outdoor space. Materials range from pressure-treated lumber to synthetics and composites for decks, and from plain concrete to textured cement, bricks and stones for patios. Given the wide variety of materials, your choice of styles - Tuscan retreat, Victorian garden, Japanese meditation garden or thoroughly modern - is only limited by your imagination and budget.

Decks and Patios Remodeling     Decks and Patios Remodeling

Building and landscape experts suggest keeping your selection of building materials to no more than two. This gives you more construction flexibility and in the final finishing stage. If you need a bit of color and privacy, you can add to your yard with outdoor structures, pergolas, pathways, outdoor furniture, potted plants and raised plant beds.

Finally, to make the most of your investment, ask several experienced real estate professionals what potential homebuyers are looking for in a deck and patio.

Decks and Patios Remodeling     Decks and Patios Remodeling

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A beautiful deck and stylish patio can be an excellent way to add value and charm to your home. Click here to contact a local, licensed and reliable contractor in your area.

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